Riding a Plane

I went to New York city over spring break with some staff and students from InclusiveU.  We took a plane to new York City. My anxiety got really bad when I was on the plane.  I don’t usually get so anxious when riding on a plane; this was the first time.

When we started to take off, I kept crying to my friend.  But, then I asked her to get my anxiety medicine for me. I took it. Then I wasn’t as nervous as I was, since the medicine was in me.

I learned that, I am good at knowing when I need to take the anxiety medicine. What I need to know about myself before I travel  is try not to  overthink stuff. That’s what I should know about myself before I travel.


College and Me

By: Sally Shehatou

I have had a lot of good experiences since my first experience at Syracuse University as an InclusiveU student as a Freshman. I liked when I came for orientation. It was very long and I learned a lot of new things like how to use Blackboard and how to use a Syracuse University email.

When I started in the fall, I was very happy when I got my acceptance letter for my early birthday present. I enjoyed learning about the campus and where my classes are. Some classes I like are my Farm to Fork cooking class because I have learned how to cook different things and I have learned how to use a hand blender for when I make soup. One of my other favorite classes is Body Works because you get to learn different exercise moves. My other favorite classes are Introduction to Culinary Arts because I get to learn how to make different kinds of desserts and foods. My favorite food I made in that class is the the macaroni and cheese and the salad and I got to also learn how to make homemade different kinds of salad dressing.

My favorite part about going to Syracuse University is going to the Syracuse home games at the dome and going to watch the Syracuse University marching band play at the quad. I didn’t have to buy my first ticket when I went to my first football game because they were giving them out for free – they won! They were playing Clemson and we won and I went to two Syracuse University basketball games. When I went to my first basketball game they were playing Colgate at the dorm for their home game and then we won and Inclusive U payed for my ticket.  When I went to my second game for basketball and they were playing Boston University college and we won again it was a lot of fun I am going to go to a lot of SU games at the dome.

When I started Syracuse University I wanted to join a club so Dee, who works for InclusiveU, told me this club to join called Peer 2 Peer.

Why is having a friend good for students?

First day going to college!
Walking in front of the Hall of Languages on campus

Students who are just starting college and that are nervous and scared about making new friends in college need to have new friends and meet new people.  It has been really nice knowing everyone in Peer2Peer.  Since I was a freshman, I didn’t know where anything was and I was very nervous since I really didn’t know anyone , but ever since I started my first year as a Syracuse University as an InclusiveU student I have been doing well and I have met a lot of new friends and they have made me feel so welcome. I wouldn’t have done it if I wasn’t in Inclusive U program.

Anybody who is an incoming student or just going into college it isn’t as bad as you think it is. Yes, it is very nervous and  anxious at first–you think you are not going to make any new friends, but you will. Everyone in college is so nice to you and you will definitely get a good group of new friends.








How to Meet People Coming to College

“Anybody who is an incoming student or just coming to college: it isn’t as bad as you think.”

By: Meghan Brozaitis

What I am going to write about in this blog is the first time I met my friend Tori.   The first time I met Tori was when we went to the SU football game together. I asked Bud if anyone wanted to go to the SU football game–she was the first person to answer. Then we met up in Schine.

After  that we went to meet up with some of her friends,  she introduced  them to me , they were really nice people.  Then we headed to the Dome to watch the football game.  We had such a good time.  After we got done at the football game we went back to her apartment to just hang out for a little bit.  We talked and right then I knew me and Tori were going to be really good friends.

Since that day we have been really good  friends.  We hang out a lot– she sometimes comes to my dorm or we get coffee.  We just got really close by just  going  to all the events that InclusiveU does.

What my college life would be like right now if I didn’t meet Tori

I don’t think I would of met so many nice people because I use to be so shy last year when I was a freshman.  Now because of Tori I am not really shy  she lets me just be me. I do not know  what my college life would be like if I didn’t meet Tori, or what college would be like from last year being a freshman until now.

Why is having  friends like Tori is good for students?

Students who are just starting college and that are nervous  and that are afraid of going to college need to have a friend.  Its nice having  a friend who can show you around like to your classes or just show you around campus so you will feel comfortable.  When you are at college like SU or at any college, since you are away from your parents its just nice knowing that you have someone that you know very well and it makes it easier knowing someone. When I was a freshman just last year I didn’t know where anything was and I was so nervous since I really didn’t know anyone, but ever since I have been doing inclusive U I have met so many people and they made me feel so welcome.  I wouldn’t have been able to do it ,  if it wasn’t for Inclusive U.

Anybody who is an incoming student or just coming to college: it isn’t as bad as you think.  Like yes it is nervous at first; you think you are not going to make friends but you will.  Everybody in college is so nice to you and you will definitely  have a good group of friends.

at the crunch game



My Experience Staying in the Dorm

“You definitely do feel like you have more freedom.  I have grown up a lot since I have been living in the dorm.”

By: Meghan Brozaitis

I’m going to talk about my experience in the dorm.  In August, I moved into my dorm and moved everything in, and I was excited and nervous as the same time.  But it was really hard for me at first.  Like, I was really sick at the beginning of the semester.  Part of it was my anxiety was so bad.  I went home a lot because I missed my parents, even thought I live ten minutes from campus and my mom works at SU.  I was still nervous, since I have always lived at home with my parents.

It took me time staying in the dorm.  My friend spent the night at the dorm with me one night so I would feel comfortable staying.  This semester has been so much better for me, like I have been staying in the dorm much more.  I met some people on my floor.  I have been going out to basketball games with them and going out to dinner.

I just feel like the dorm is home to me.  This was my first time staying in the dorm since InclusiveU let us stay in the dorm this year–and I was the only one who wanted to stay in the dorm!  I really like it–just like taking my time in the morning going to the dining hall.

You definitely do feel like you have more freedom.  I have grown up a lot since I have been living in the dorm.  I have learned that you have a lot of responsibilities like taking out the trash, making your bed.  When I first moved in, it took me time to get used to it, like locking the door every time you leave, but I got the hang of it very easily.  That is my experience staying in the dorm.